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  • A Guide When Choosing Curtain Fabrics

        When picking curtain fabrics, don't just look at color or print. You should also touch its material to see how it drapes and gathers and evaluate texture and transparency. All of these propertie

  • Three Kinds Of Fabric Structure Of Home Decoration Fabrics

         According to the fabric structure, home decoration fabrics can be divided into the following three categories: plain weave, twill, and satin.    The basic feature of plain weave is that it a

  • The Various Developments Of Velvet In The Ductility Of Craftsmanship

        Some applications of functional finishing and functional raw materials can produce velvet products with special functions, such as antibacterial, flame retardant, waterproof, oilproof, and antif

  • Weaving Process Of Velvet Fabric

        Velvet is a fabric that can set off a sense of age. It can be matched with antique furniture or metal and silk elements, which can not only decorate a luxurious palace atmosphere but also create

  • Types And Characteristics Of Decorative Fabrics

        Decorative fabrics can be divided into the following categories: cotton textile fabrics, silk textile fabrics, wool textile fabrics, chemical fiber textile fabrics and non-porous chemical fiber

  • Velvet Fabric Is Suitable As Sofa Fabric

        Velvet is divided into two types: silk weaving and silk brocade interlacing. The patterns are divided into positive carving (Rongdi velvet flower) and reverse carving (velvet velvet flower), and

  • What Is The Fabric Of Technology Cloth Sofa

    custom sofa fabric manufacturer introduces you to some knowledge about sofa fabrics.     Due to the mixed leather-filled fiber material used by technology cloth sofas, the technology cloth sofa has

  • Have You Ever Heard Of Burnt-Out Fabrics?

        Burnt-out fabrics are made by interlacing or blending two different fibers, one of which can be destroyed by a chemical agent, while the other fiber is not affected, forming a special style of b

  • Different Names Of Velvet Fabrics In Different Forms

        The velvet fabric uses cocoon grade A raw silk, and also uses silk as a warp, cotton yarn as a weft, and uses silk or rayon to raise loops. Both warp and weft are first degummed or semi-degummed

  • The Difference Between Viscose Fabric And Laminated Fabric

        The advantages of viscose fabrics are softness, good water absorption, good drape, and good comfort. This is because the hygroscopicity of viscose fiber conforms to the physiological requirement