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  • How to Apply Gilding Fabric

    A gilded surface adds a special touch to a project. The process of gilding has been used throughout history to accentuate details and add a sense of importance. In a water gilding method the gold leaf

  • Different Types of Curtain Fabrics

    When choosing a fabric for your curtains, consider color, texture, light blocking or exposing qualities, durability and sun-fade resistance. Each of these elements affects the look and feel of your cu

  • Embossing Fabric is a fun craft project that can yield some beautiful results

    Embossing Fabric is a fun craft project that can yield some beautiful results. However, if you want exceptional quality, or are concerned about damaging the fabric, it is worth hiring a professional e

  • Warp Knitting Fabrics can be produced in a variety of patterns

    Warp Knitting Fabrics can be produced in a variety of patterns. The most common types are tricot, mirror satin, powernet and satinet. They are used in intimate apparel and shape wear.Miss-lapping stru

  • Application of printed velvet

    Different types of velvet give people different feelings, and the ratio of raw materials used in the production process is also different, which is the main reason for the different quality of velvet.

  • The characteristics of velvet fabric

    Now we have moved away from coarse linen clothing, and the fabrics used in making clothes are constantly being updated, making them more comfortable and beautiful for us to wear. Velvet fabric is a co

  • Characteristics, advantages, and uses of polyester fabrics

    Characteristics of Polyester Fabric1. The elasticity of polyester fabric is super good. After repeatedly rubbing the polyester fabric, it can quickly restore its original shape and is not easy to leav

  • What is Solid Velvet Sofa Fabric

    Velvet sofa fabric is a soft and luxurious option for your living room, bedroom, or home office. It offers a touch of elegance that will last for years to come, and can be paired with other fabrics fo

  • How to Choose High Quality Printing Fabric

    Digital fabric printing has made it possible to print high quality designs and imagery onto a wide range of fabrics. However, to get the best results, there are a few key factors that need to be consi

  • What is a Textile Fabric

    A textile fabric is a flexible woven material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres. These can be either plant or animal derived, such as cotton and flax, or synthetic, such as polye